A comprehensive assessment process will be undertaken with each new referral received at Sensational Kids OT. This assessment process will include best practice assessment tools with some standardised assessment and structured clinical observations to obtain a baseline of your child’s strengths and weaknesses to help determine priorities for treatment. During this session we will also discuss your concerns and how occupational therapy could be beneficial for your child. Following assessment a formal report will be supplied to parents and other involved professionals (as requested). Results of the assessment will help guide future therapy, if this is determined to be required.

Individualised Therapy Sessions:

If therapy sessions are determined to be appropriate for your child, following an assessment, goals will be developed to guide these sessions and provide continual learning and development opportunities. Sessions are usually 45 minutes to 1 hour in length with frequency determined by the therapist and parents following the assessment process. Parent participation is encouraged throughout the sessions to help provide ‘hands-on’ learning experiences and the opportunity to gain information about how to continue with strategies at home. Activities are developed to provide a ‘just-right’ challenge for your child to ensure that they achieve success whilst being challenged to develop their skills in their underlying areas of difficulties. Therapy is individualised and tailored to suit your child & families needs whilst using traditional OT models of practice as well as principles of sensory integration & processing, DIR®-Floortime™ model and Hanen® model. Please see our treatments page for more information regarding these guiding principles of treatment.

Treatment Intensives:

Treatment intensives are fast becoming the most effective treatment model used with children with sensory and motor challenges.  This concept has been used widely in the USA for some time however Australia is just starting to come on board with the treatment model.  Sensational Kids OT (SKOT) have adapted this model to allow a wider variety of people to access the service which otherwise might be limited either due to geographical location, time commitments, waiting lists of the service etc.  This treatment model places SKOT at the forefront of the field and continues to show its dedication to the most effective treatment models.  Treatment intensive is where the client will receive a ‘block’ of therapy in short and intense blocks which would be otherwise drawn out over several weeks and months etc.  The concept of the treatment intensive is to provide intense and regular input to the child to provoke change through the use of highly specialised treatment techniques.  This input is designed to have impact on the Central Nervous System (CNS) and gives rise to the capacity to not only offer shifts in the organisation of the CNS but then more organisation in the subsequent responses the CNS has the capacity to produce.  A ‘treatment intensive’ is not intended to be a ‘cure’ but is a good stepping stone in providing a foundation off which change can occur and be further refined in ongoing treatment and home/school programs etc.

Preschool & School Consults: 

At the request of parents or involved services ‘Sensational Kids OT’ are able to arrange a preschool/school consult. This consult will aim to provide those working with your child more information on how to optimise their development and capacities within these environments and promote a collaborative approach across environments. These consults can also be used to attend IFSP, IEP and planning meetings to provide further support and collaboration for everyone working with your child.

Parent Coaching Sessions:

Sensational Kids OT offers parent coaching services to support parents, carers and professionals enhance their knowledge and skills in supporting the success of children.  Parent coaching sessions occur 1:1 via ZOOM Video Conferencing software on a phone App or computer, which makes accessing Paediatric Occupational Therapy support flexible and convenient to you (no waiting lists).

Parent Coaching sessions are 45mins plus an additional 15mins of design time where Occupational Therapists create resources and action plans specific to your needs.You can utilise your child’s NDIS plan to cover the cost. If your child doesn’t have an NDIS plan we can provide you with details of individual Medicare Plans you can access from your GP to help cover some of the cost.

Book your free 15min consultation to discuss with our Occupational Therapists if this service can support your needs. 


‘Sensational Kids OT’ is able to offer a wide range of training in-service and seminars to   parents, interests groups, professionals and organisations, tailored to the learning needs of your group.

Previously presented training seminars include:

    • Understanding Sensory Processing
    • Development of play & social skills
    • Understanding regulatory disorders
    • Understanding Dyspraxia & Developmental Coordination Disorders
    • Facilitating child development through play
    • Development of fine motor skills

With each training session, we are able to offer professional handouts, latest in audio-visual equipment with interactive and practical learning opportunities. Please call us to discuss your training needs (02) 8004 2727.


On-site we also have a qualified Physiotherapist who works on the SKOT premises.  Amy owns and operates her own business and we are proud to partner with her services onsite and extend the services on offer to our clients.  Click here to read more about Amy & here experience here.