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Parent Coaching

About Parent Coaching 

Sensational Kids OT offers parent coaching services to support parents, carers and professionals enhance their knowledge and skills in supporting the success of children. 

Parent coaching sessions occur 1:1 via ZOOM Video Conferencing software on a phone App or computer, which makes accessing Paediatric Occupational Therapy support flexible and convenient to you (no waiting lists).

Parent Coaching sessions are 45mins plus an additional 15mins of design time where Occupational Therapists create resources and action plans specific to your needs. 

Sessions cost $120 and as it’s a parent training service you can utilise your child’s NDIS plan to cover the cost. If your child doesn’t have an NDIS plan we can provide you with details of individual Medicare Plans you can access from your GP to help cover some of the cost.

Book your free 15min consultation to discuss with our Occupational Therapists if this service can support your needs. 

How Parent Coaching can support you:

Our highly experienced Occupational Therapists Roshelle Porter & Erin Ranyer collaborate with you to problem-solve difficulties your child might be experiencing. Examples of topics include (but are not limited to):

* Challenges with feeding, sleeping, dressing, grooming, toileting, play & academic skills.

* Exploring your child’s sensory processing capacities and how to support their regulation.  

* Developing a greater understanding behind the ‘why’ meltdowns occur and how to manage these in various environments.

* Discussing co-regulation and how to use and manage this within the family routine.

* Learning how to support social skill development with family and friends.

* Supporting how to communicate to school/preschool teachers about your child’s sensory processing challenges and how this can affect their learning ability within the school environment.

* Exploring and growing your relationship with your child through empowerment and positivity.

* Discussing the impact of childhood trauma on occupational performance and providing trauma informed care home based interventions 

* Discussing the importance of self care and supporting personal growth as a parent to a child with additional needs.