What is Occupational Therapy & how can it assist my child?

Occupational Therapy (OT) focuses on how people function in their roles and perform their everyday activities. We focus on promoting skill development and increasing an individual’s independence in all areas of their lives including their cognitive, sensory, motor and social skills and allow children to develop their role as a player, student, family member, peer & friend.


Occupational Therapy is unique in its approach and looks beyond the physical elements of function to also consider the interaction and fit amongst the child, the task and their environment. In therapy we are aim to create a ‘fit’ between the child’s abilities, the tasks they perform and the environments in which they function. Occupational Therapists are able to explore all the internal and external factors needed for engaging in our roles across all daily activities. In doing this we are able to also address psychological, social, and environmental factors that may hinder an individual’s functioning and independence in their daily activities.

One of a child’s primary roles is as a player. This role provides the opportunity for developing motor, cognitive, social, communication & sensory skills. Play is an important median through which therapist can also promote the development of these skills and therapy is therefore conducted through a play based model.


When evaluating each child’s development we consider what is developmentally appropriate and look at using the child’s strength to engage them in activities which will challenge and promote their development towards these developmental milestones.

When should I refer my child to an Occupational Therapist?

If you or anyone involved with your child (e.g. preschool, paediatrician) are concerned that your child is not meeting any of their developmental milestones and/or is having difficulty engaging in any of their daily activities and roles you should seek the advice of an OT. Current research suggests that early intervention play an important role in enhancing a child’s opportunities, therefore the earlier the better.


Please refer to our ‘Who would benefit from OT’ page for more details of the types of difficulties which may benefit from Occupational Therapy intervention.


What type of difficulties do you treat?

Sensational Kids OT specialises in offering services to child who are experiencing difficulties with; sensory processing, attention, motor skills, activities of daily living, play and social skills and regulating and organising behavioural responses. Therapists are trained and experienced in working with diagnoses such as; Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Learning Difficulties, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Regulatory Disorder, Vision & Hearing Impairments Aspergers Syndrome, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delay and others.

How do I refer my child to Sensational Kids OT?

Please call us on (02) 8004 2727 to make a referral where we will be able to discuss your child’s needs. During this phone call we can discuss some of key concerns you are having and determine if we are the right service for you.

What happens once a referral is made?

You will be sent out an information package including a background questionnaire and we will schedule an assessment session, which will usually take approx. 1½ hours. This session will include best practice assessment tools with some standardised assessment and structured clinical observations to obtain a baseline of your child’s strengths and weaknesses to help determine priorities for treatment. During this session we will also discuss your concerns and how occupational therapy could be beneficial for your child. Following assessment a formal report will be supplied to parents and other involved professionals (as requested). Results of the assessment will help guide future therapy, if required. In consultation with the family, goals will be developed and regularly reviewed as your child progresses.

What happens in a session?

Sessions are usually 45 minutes to 1 hour in length. Parent participation is encouraged throughout the sessions to help provide ‘hands-on’ learning experiences and the opportunity to gain information about how to continue with strategies at home. Activities are developed to provide a ‘just-right’ challenge for your child to ensure that they achieve success whilst being challenged to develop their skills in their underlying areas of difficulties. Therapy is individualised and tailored to suit your child & families needs whilst using traditional OT models of practice as well as principles of sensory integration & processing, DIR®-Floortime™ model and Hanen® model.

How much does therapy cost?

The cost is determined by session length and type of assessment. Please phone the centre to discuss this in more detail.

Can I claim on Medicare?

Sensational Kids OT is a registered with Medicare Australia. You may be able to claim up to 5 occupational therapy sessions a year if you are eligible for the Enhanced Primary Care Plan. Please talk to your GP for more details on this plan.

You can access more information on the EPC through the following website link: EPC information or by downloading the following form from our website: Enhanced Primary Care Allied Health Fact Sheet2007.pdf

Can I claim on private health insurance?

Most private health insurance companies in Australia cover Occupational Therapy. Please contact your provider for more details about your family’s cover and entitlements as these can vary between providers.