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Camp Connect is coming to the Sutherland Shire

Camp Connect is based on the models of Camp Avanti & Camp Jabiru.  The aim of camp is for children who have sensory processing challenges to experience it in a supportive environment which facilitates their success.   Camp is based around … Continue reading

Muscles & Mates Group

We have had lot’s of fun running our ‘Muscles & Mates’ group over the last two terms.  It is a group designed to support children’s regulation and social capacities within a group setting. It is aimed at using strategies to foster … Continue reading

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Sensory Overload Video

A nice little video which helps explain what happens in the brain when we are having trouble modulating

Muscle & Mates Group Feedback

  Thank you so much for letting me watch your session today, I absolutely loved it! This is something that so many children could use but only a few lucky ones have access to- and I am truly thankful our child is … Continue reading

Better Start Funding extended to more disabilities

As a Better Start Funding Provider we are excited to hear that news that more children and their families will now have access to the Better Start Funding.   This announcement was made on 24th October 2012 – The Government’s investment … Continue reading

New Soft Play Equipment

The kids have been loving the new addition of the soft play equipment to the therapy rooms, especially the ball pit and giant balancing bosu!   These additions have provide another great dimension to our therapy working on the kids balancing, … Continue reading

Dyspraxia Course

Tanya has just spent the last 4 days at the Advanced Dsypraxia course with Therese May Benson.  This course provide an indepth understanding of Dyspraxia from both an assessment and treatment perspective and the knowledge learnt has already started to be … Continue reading

Sensory Symposium – Astronaut Training

Whilst the rest of the team were off on the Therpressure training which Tanya has previously completed she was able to complete the Astronaut Training with international OT’s Sheila Frick & Mary Kawar.  This training has certified her in delivering … Continue reading

Sensory Intergration Theory & Practice Course

Staff members Nick, Sheridan, Tanya and Elle just completed the course “Sensory Intergration Theory & Practice” by field guru’s Shelly Lane and Anita Bundy. A fantastic opportunity to learn from the experts in the field and a first for Tanya in organising … Continue reading

Therapeutic Listening – SD Cards and Sansa Players

Vital Sounds have released new Sandisk Sansa Players and SD cards for theraputic listening albums. The new players are 10% of the size of the CD’s and can be clipped to the headphones removing the need for a long cord … Continue reading

The Braing for Allied Health Professionals Training

This training devleoped an understanding of the brain’s functional structures and neurotransmitters.  It explained how the structure and function produces human behaviour, and how this can be measured in terms of real constructs, for instance, information processing, decisional acuity, non-conscious emotional bias, speed … Continue reading

Cranial Sacral Training

Tanya was lucky enough to attend the CST1 training in Sydney this year.  Cranial Sacral therapy is widely used in conjunction with Sensory Integration therpay in the USA and has been a desire of Tanya’s to bring in to practice … Continue reading

Treatment Intensives 5 day course with Patti Oetter

Nick, Tara, Lauren, Elle and Tanya all just finished 5 days training on delivering treatment intensives. Delivered by Patti Oetter who flew out especially from the USA, known for developing the M.O.R.E treatement framework and author, the team were lucky enough … Continue reading

Listening with the Whole Body – Therapeutic Listening Training

For those team members that hadn’t already completed the Therapeutic Listening training they had the fortunate opportunity to participate in a small invite only group of therapists to become certified in this program with Lynette Bourke.  This allowed the team … Continue reading

New equipment – loft & slide!

The kids have been coming up with some great names of the new loft and slide introduced to SKOT this week.  The kids have been loving all the climbing, jumping, crashing, sliding and balancing they have been doing on this … Continue reading

NDT & Sensory Integration Course

Tanya travelled to Newcastle to participate in the NDT & SI training course with international OT Lezlie Adler.  This 2-day course built on Tanya’s early NDT training combined with her specialisation in Sensory Integration and looked at how these 2 … Continue reading

Mental Health & Therapeutic Listening Webinar

The staff from SKOT participated in some distance learning with Sheila Frick’s clinic in the USA to complete an online learning webinar in the uses of Therapeutic Listening for improving Mental Health outcomes.  This was a fascinating learning experience which … Continue reading

Sensory Symposium – M.O.R.E Program Training

Along with the Therapressure Program training Elle also completed the M.O.R.E program with Patti Oetter.  This training course is considered one of the 4 powerhouse training programs in a sensory therapists training.  It focuses on integrating the mouth with sensory … Continue reading

Sensory Symposium – Therapressure Brushing Protocol Training

Nick, Elle, Sheridan, Heather, Tara & Lauren all attended the Therapressure Brushing Protocol training on a 2 day course with Pat Wilbarger and Tracy Stakehouse from the USA.  This training certified them in the adminstration of the protocol which they … Continue reading

Building Blocks for Sensory Integration Training

The staff at SKOT were lucky to be invited along a small group of just 25 therapiss to participate in a two-day workshop with international Occupational Therapist Sheila Frick.  The course was a mixture of theory and hands on mentoring developing an “in-depth … Continue reading

Therapeutic Listening Webinar

As such an essential part of our treatment in the clinic and also as part of our client’s home programs we are always looking for ways to increase our knowledge about the therapeutic uses and benefits of Therapeutic Listening and … Continue reading

Clinical Reasoning Webinar

The SKOT team linked in with Sheila Frick @ Vital Links to attend this webinar training desgined to enhance a therapists clinical reasoning skills.   It is this continual learning and analysis of their clinical practices that allows them to remain at … Continue reading

Beth Osten Training

In February Tanya was invited to be a part of a small group of therapists to attend a treatment intensive with Floortime Specialist Beth Osten.  This training had a focus on implementing the Floortime strategies in to treatment and assessment … Continue reading