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Camp Connect is coming to the Sutherland Shire

Camp Connect is based on the models of Camp Avanti & Camp Jabiru.  The aim of camp is for children who have sensory processing challenges to experience it in a supportive environment which facilitates their success.  

Camp is based around the ideas of offering intensive sensory motor experiences whilst working in the dynamics of a group.  Camp is a unique setting which challenges the child both physically and socially.   Camp offered under the guidance of an Occupational Therapy (OT) group allows the child to gain regulating input through the activities and supports provided, whilst also facilitating their social engagement and problem solving skills.  The rewards of success at camp can be wide and varied however some of the aims and possibilities include improved regulation, better self-organisation, negotiation of conflict, widening of friendship capacities, improved self-confidence and group participation. 

Apply here: CampConnect ApplicationForm